Principles for astonish Graphics

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  • 1.Alignment- It helps to create a sharp & ordered appearance. Aligning objects properly will clean up a design.
  • 2.Hierarchy- Working with multiple elements, to give extra weight to message is important. Figure out what the most important info highlight than other pieces.
  • 3.Contrast- It happens when two design elements are in opposition to each other, like black & white, thick & thin, etc. It helps to look in a digestible manner.
  • 4.Repetition- It helps strengthen the overall look of the design. It also ties together different elements to help them remain organized & more consistent.
  • 5.Proximity- Proximity means that elements are connected visually another way, such as by color, font, type, size etc.
  • 6.Balance- Its form & stability & helps to distribute the elements evenly throughout your design. It can be symmetrical or asymmetrical.
  • 7.Color- Colors are largely responsible for dictating the mood of a design. One should study color theory to get it right.
  • 8.Space- Negative space creates shape & can help highlight the most important pieces of information in your design.Never underestimate the power of simplicity.

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