Building Talent, Brick by Brick

  • Armed with degree, young people lost once they come face-to-face with ground realities of corporate life
  • Companies which hire these professionals invest a lot of time, attention and energy to train them
  • A couple of years back, CareerBuilder conducted a study on companies making wrong hiring decisions and found India figured among the top four countries
  • The cost to a company of a single bad hire was estimated to be `20 lakh
  • To nurture the right talent, Company like Renault recently launched its first design academy in India
  • With this move company wants to train young talent, select the best and place them at one of its international Design Studios
  • In 2015, TAKE Solutions, a business technology solutions provider, launched TALL (TAKE Academy of Life Science and Leadership)
  • Similarly, Federal Bank set up a Federal Skill Academy at Ernakulam (Kerala) in 2015 and in September 2016, it launched its second academy in Coimbatore
  • The companies investing in such programmes see it as a long-term initiative rather than a short-term plan

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