Management lessons from Indian Epic - Ramayana

  • Believe your team: Against army of Ravana who defeated many kings; rama had aboriginal tribes as army. But confidence & trust in team lead him towards victory
  • Don't over commit: Commit what you can fulfill. Over commitment can lead to disastrous results like Dasharatha. Its ok if you commit low & achieve high.
  • Develop Strategic Alliances: It is very essential to develop strategic alliances that can benefit business. Like Sughriva made a strategic alliance with Rama.
  • Develop Healthy Relations: Developing good relations with clients, team, distributors etc can be helpful. Like Lord Rama developed good relations with all.
  • Make your brand visible everywhere. Like Rama did with writing his name on every stone for constructing the floating bridge.
  • Stay cool: One of the major characteristic of Rama & which Laxamana lacked of . Many times due to short temper laxmana had to be in trouble. Case of Surpnakha
  • Leave your EGO aside. Ravana was defeated because of EGO. In business you need to leave you ego aside.
  • Treat everyone Equally: Develop relationships with people regardless of social status & treat everybody with courtesy and respect. Like Rama treated Shabri
  • Leave your comfort zone: Lord Rama along with Sita & Laxamana left the comfort of an empire to achieve their goal of 14 years of exile.
  • Don't be over confident: Like Ravana, who underestimated Ram and thus lead to disastrous end of Lanka.