Three new updates from facebook !!

  • Facebook on Wednesday launched three new features, including allowing users to put up voice posts.
  • Facebook has added a feature that will allow users to save photos and videos for later. This will help people with limited storage phones
  • People can see photos when they log into their Facebook account. It can also be used to save photos they might want to share later
  • Facebook will also allow voice posts, letting people “share in the moment” without having to share a photo or video
  • A voice post on stories can be up to 20 seconds
  • In the coming weeks, Facebook will roll out an archive for people to save the stories most important to them.
  • Facebook will now provide users with an option to turn out Stories Archive in their settings.
  • After a photo disappears from a story, you can still re-view it, re-live it and re-share it

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