7 Reasons Why Neem Is A Gift From Nature

  • 1. Promotes hair growth- Neem is an excellent option to curb dandruff. Its paste can be used as a conditioner and as it's anti-fungal, it can help clean the scalp and as a result promotes strong and long hair.
  • 2. Treats skin disorders- Neem oil can heal wounds without leaving any ugly scars. It also prevents septic infections.
  • 3. Reduces body odor- Taking bath with neem-leaves soaked water on a regular basis can help reduce body odor.
  • 4. Has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties- Neem leaves can be used to treat bacterial and fungal infections, by either applying a neem paste on the affected area or bathing in neem water.
  • 5. Is an effective insecticide- Neem leaves can be burnt to ward off pesky insects and mosquitos effectively.
  • 6. Increases immunity- Neem tea is used in ayurveda to combat fever and also fight against diseases like malaria.
  • 7. Nature's toothbrush- Neem twigs can be used to brush teeth and due to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties, it keeps away all sorts of dental infections and diseases.

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