How to find brand evangelists

  • Brand evangelism or advocacy is simply the willingness for certain members of your target audience to profess their interest in or appreciation for your brand.
  • you’ll need to invest time in finding and cultivating evangelists
  • Almost any of your customers could become evangelists, as your audience grows, so does your potential for exponential expansion.
  • You should plug in to learn more about what your audience is like
  • you can use social listening to make more relevant posts by timing certain topics and jumping on trends, thereby attracting a more loyal following
  • you can use social listening to directly scout for potential evangelist candidates,
  • Loyalty programs encourage customer loyalty which encourage repeat business with increasing discounts, freebies, or special offers, keep people familiar
  • Encourage your employees to write about your brand as they see fit, circulating and syndicating your content
  • Another way to get your customers to talk to each other and invest more fully in your brand is to create a user forum