Social Media Marketing Challenges faced by Real Estate Industry

  • Those real estate developers who are active on social media groups and pages focuses on too many posts rather than quality post on only real estate. This happens when social media sites are decreasing organic reach.
  • Challenge 2- No communication plan
  • Nowadays, social media is an asset for real estate developers. Rather than focusing on the right strategy, developers are wasting their precious time by posting anything that looks good to them.
  • In order to engage audience, it is necessary to understand – what customers love to hear from a brand.
  • Challenge 3- Inconsistency
  • The shortcoming of social media is that it takes great time and effort to manage even a single thing. Like replying to messages and comments, posting consistently, etc.
  • And most of developers treat social media like print media, so try to get active, once a new project is going to be launched.
  • Challenge 4 – Integrated Approach
  • Most of the real estate marketing has two separate plan- online communication and offline communication. This leads to disparity and differences in communication in both the media.
  • Rather than considering social media channels as a tool, it is dealt separately, with least coordination with branding team.
  • Challenge 5- One size fits all
  • In today’s scenario social media marketing is moved beyond customer communication and engagement; and deep level targeting is possible.
  • But the print media approach of reaching the masses, leads real estate developer to target every one in specific area.
  • To read in detail, the strategies used to overcome these challenges, click on the link.
  • Challenge 1: Importance given to quantity of posts

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