Rights for women's in India every Indian should be aware of!

  • Right to EQUAL PAY - Under Equal Remuneration Pay there should be no discrimination on basis of gender for salary or wages
  • Right for Maternity Benefits - Maternity benefits at work place is a constitutional right of every female under Maternity Benefit Act, 1961
  • Right to not get arrested at night - A woman can't be arrested before sunrise and after sunset. Exception when orders are from first class magistrate
  • Right of Zero FIR - A women can file a complaint in any police station irrespective of jurisdiction & place of incident.
  • Right against Harassment at work - A woman has the right to lodge a complaint about any sexual harassment at work
  • Right for FREE legal aid - A woman is entitled by the constitution for a free legal aid in case of Rape. Legal authorities of a state have to arrange for a law
  • Women can lodge a written complaint via email or post for any incidence of harassment addressing to senior officer
  • Right of protection from domestic violence - It protect any female from domestic violence by any male or relatives.

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