Level of Development (LOD) in Building Information Modeling: An Overview

  • Level of detailing/development is a reference that enables project stakeholders to specify and articulate a high level of content clarity and reliability of BIM models at various design and construction stages.
  • LOD 100 – Similar to conceptual design, it enables users to analyze the volume, cost per square foot, orientation, and more.
  • LOD 200 – Similar to schematic design, the model includes generalized systems or assemblies with size approximations, shapes, quantities, etc.
  • LOD 300 – Suitable models to create construction and shop drawings.
  • LOD 400 – These models can be used for project fabrication and installation.
  • LOD 500 – These models are used to visualize 3D as-built conditions. This LOD is adopted for facility operations and maintenance. To know more?

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