11 Free Learning Apps That You Should Check Out

  • 1. Curiosity- One of the best learning apps where you can find concise articles on a plethora of topics ranging from science to general knowledge.
  • 2. Blinkist- You can choose from thousands of non-fiction books to learn anything from how to win an argument to how to be more mindful.
  • 3. TED- This fascinating app has a wealth of practical information on every topic.
  • 4. Skillshare- From creative arts courses to entrepreneurial tips, Skillshare, a learning mobile app has courses that cover every interest, whether you’re looking to boost your resume or pick up a new hobby.
  • 5. Duolingo- Known as one of the best language apps out there, Duolingo assists users to learn how to order, initiate conversation and ask for directions in 80 different languages.
  • 6. StudyBlue- StudyBlue is one of the best free educational apps that has been introduced to make students learning easier. They can make flashcards, use digital learning materials, and study from anywhere they want.
  • 7. Lumosity- This app is famous as one of the best apps for learning which lets you train your brain with different new techniques. There are brain games, activities, and many more that give your brain a workout.
  • 8. Wikipedia- Wikipedia is another best free learning app for those who admire and trust in the concept of mobile learning.
  • 9. Edmodo- This learning app basically acts like a hub that allows users to learn something new every day and engage easily with their respective classes.
  • 10. Khan Academy- This is one app that can be used by people from all age groups to learn about an array of topics ranging from primary music notations to the geography of the landscapes.
  • 11. Tynker- This app is for anyone who wishes to learn programming. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned programmer, this learning app will work for all of you and help you self-assess your coding knowledge.

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