Mobile marketing strategies you should know !

  • Mobile applications: Mobile applications allow you to include advertisements in mobile apps design. Mobile applications can include widgets, virtual machines
  • In-game: This form of advertisement will have ads within a mobile game.The ads can appear as a pop-up or full page
  • SMS (short message service):You probably know SMS better as texting. Using SMS, marketers can send text messages to customers with offers and other information
  • MMS (multimedia message service): MMS marketing sends text messages that contain media items such as images, video, or audio.
  • QR codes can be scanned with the camera on mobile device.Once scanned,it will take consumers to the linked website where they can view information of business
  • Location-based marketing uses the user’s mobile location to market a business in that area by means of GPS
  • Near Field Communication (NFC):NFC is a type of technology that has the ability to send data to a consumer’s cell phone using a short-range wireless connection
  • Voice Marketing: Voice marketing uses an automated and computer produced phone call to consumer
  • Pay Per Call: This type of advertisement allows the user to tap the phone number that is directly listed in the ad.
  • Bluetooth Proximity Marketing– utilizes Bluetooth to connect with a marketers broadcasting station and station is programmed to automatically deliver content
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