• As she always wanted to know about her feelings that she kept holding from last 8years for her crush . she really want to know what is it . why she feels so happy to she him smile . was it love or just attachment?why she always feels him in that one song that he send it to her ?
  • As she knew they both spent quality time together for 4 months . may be it was just attachment . but all she wanna know and confirm that fact . and this could be only possible when they both lost communication.
  • Attachment is when you stop getting attention from anythng or u lost interest from that thing as its no longer useful , u will endup ur attachment process from that thing or that person.
  • And this could be only possible when he will go for his sailing . and she will start her life with her new ambition. when they both wont talk for weeks and months then only it will be clear "what was that feeling"?
  • Months passed . they came close , he was in love although he didnt confess but she could feel it everytime . but she was baffled , she was in fear what if whatever feeling she is holding for him wasnt love ?
  • She was in her new life , in new ambition . she was doing her mba and crush was in middle of an ocean for sailing . he was too far from her , he hardly contact her . in this 21th century , she wished for this only
  • She wants to feel this . she wants see if there love is for this chats or calls or for this faith trust believe patience for waiting to see each other again . collecting many moments to share with each other.
  • It was evening,she sat in her balcony of her hostel,holding cigrt in one hand and red wine in another.she played that one song which was send by him with her smiling face,she look up at moon and said "i still love u"....

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