Queen Elizabeth I

  • Queen Elizabeth is an example the greatest woman ruler. She was the queen of England and Ireland from the year 1558 till her end.
  • She belonged to Tudor dynasty. She was a great ruler and was always concerned about her people.
  • She went through lots of struggle in her early days. Her mother was executed when she was only two and half years old.
  • When she grew up, the throne of her father was succeeded first by her half-brother and then her half-sister, who put her in prison for around a year.
  • Then in year 1558, she succeeded the throne and became the queen of England and Ireland.
  • She was known by many nicknames, the most common and important of which was “The Virgin Queen”.
  • The reason behind this name was that she remained unmarried till her death.
  • She was never dependent over any king for her actions and for control of her kingdom.
  • She was a role model before all the female rulers at that time and was the only female ruler who was working independently.
  • She established an English Protestant Church, which is later known as The Church of England.
  • Elizabeth’s reign is known as Elizabethan era and is mainly famous for the flourishing of English Drama.
  • This Elizabethan Era was led by some of the greatest literature kings like William Shakespeare.
  • The failure of Spain in 1588 to conquer England led to a great victory associated with the history of England and thus Queen Elizabeth as well.
  • It was all because of her ruling tactics that she made England a stable and powerful country during her reign.

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