• Rann Utsav in Gujarat is an important part of tourism in Gujarat today, which is also known as the White Desert Festival. The carnival of music, culture, and dance is celebrated by people.
  • It's a three-month celebration in Kutch Rann, Gujarat, every year from November to Holi. People who visited Kutch during the Rann Utsav can not resist convincing non-travelers, friends, and relatives.
  • During three months of festive celebration, the white desert appeared more stunning on a full moon night. As the moonlight flashes on the white sands of the desert, the landscape of the white sand becomes sparkling land.
  • . The view is heavenly with those white luxurious tents lines by the desert for tourists – the dances performing folk music & dance at a distance and the camel rides under the bright moon.Nothing could be more beautiful,
  • In 2006, as Chief Minister of Gujarat, Rann Utsav was our beloved prime minister Shri Narendra Modi's dream. In 2006, he opened the first Rann of Kutch Festival to represent the Gujarat culture and to promote the Kutch.

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