8 Ways to Embed Design Thinking Into Your Organization

  • Here are the latest webinars by "Board of Innovation" to inspire Design Thinking for innovators within organizations:
  • 1. Learn how to pitch: We believe that the best business idea should result in stakeholder buy-in. Here are some of our best-practices to do a perfect pitch
  • 2. Innovation Day Are you planning an innovation day? Watch this webinar and learn what you can expect to get out of it, what an innovation day looks like and many other best practices!
  • 3. Validation Is an accelerator the right way to go? Understand what you can expect as an output of accelerating a business idea through testing
  • 4. Corporate accelerators Have you been thinking about running a corporate accelerator to boost innovation capabilities at your company? Watch this webinar to learn how you can do it
  • 5. Innovation strategy sprint: Get the most out of fast-tracked strategy sprints to develop your innovation strategy. Get a complete overview of all the innovation programs
  • 6. Business model innovation part 1 & part 2: Learn how to look beyond your revenue model for innovation opportunities and get a structured overview of the process behind creating business models.
  • 7. Ideate: Learn to ideate like an expert Learn how to ideate and where in the innovation process it is most relevant to host an ideation day
  • 8. Design sprint for corporates: Learn how we bring you from problem to solution in 5 days, with a format designed entirely for big organizations

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