Brand awareness using offline marketing strategies

  • Start a referral program. Offer your existing customers a referral if they send others your way. A gift card or coupons can work effectively
  • Media giveaways. Offer to donate free products to media in exchange for advertisements and publicity about your company.
  • Endorsements. Give your product to prominent local, regional and national individuals for free. If they like it, they will use it, tell other people about it.
  • Networking. Join clubs, business groups and associations that attract prominent business leaders.
  • Hold a competition. Contests and competitions are among the most effective ways to raise brand awareness
  • Participate in Trade Shows. trade shows are awesome opportunities to showcase your product and market your company. Network with other professionals
  • Making calls creates personal connection between the advertiser and customers to increase brand loyalty
  • Hold a workshop that has educational value for potential customers.
  • Sponsor a Community Event. Give out branded goods, coupons and pamphlets, and discount cards. This builds a positive brand image that people respect
  • Cross promotions. Find companies with related products or services, and then explore ways to promote each other’s business.
  • As much as online advertising is one of the most effective promotional methods, offline marketing can go a long way in supporting online strategies.
  • Free publicity. Media sources are always looking for interesting stories – so why not yours? Contact your local newspapers and showcase your business

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