Process to capture and stream in real-time Facebook Live reactions

  • Now go back to OBS dashboard. Double click on your source. The source popup will appear. Click OK. It will reload your webpage with recent updates.
  • Now we’re done! Enjoy your Facebook Live featuring your followers reactions.
  • Create a web page which you want to stream live. Sample web page is given in reference section. Download it.
  • Unzip it on your computer. Now open the index.html file with a text editor. As you can see, there are some settings to configure.
  • Create an app on Facebook via
  • Generate access token through Facebook app or use link in reference to generate it.
  • Now edit the index.html file (line 105) with your brand new Facebook Access Token.
  • To go live, log on to your Facebook page and click on Publishing Tools in the top menu. Then click on the +Live button on the top right.
  • Now Facebook Live is almost ready, so to set the livestream of your dynamic webpage, use a free software called OBS. Download link in reference.
  • Download OBS & install it on your computer.
  • Click Settings in OBS and then click “Stream” in the left menu.
  • Select “Streaming Services” as the Stream Type and “Facebook Live” as the service.
  • Paste the stream key you obtained from the facebook live window into the “Stream Key” box. Click Apply and OK.
  • Add your source in OBS dashboard. Click on “+” > “Browsersource” > Create new.
  • Browse and select your index.html file (see step 1) as your “Local file”. Click OK.
  • You’ll see a preview of your webpage. Resize it to make it fullscreen. Click on “Start Streaming”.
  • Go back to the Facebook Live pop-up window in your browser. After a few seconds, it should display “Fetching video stream”.
  • Publish your Facebook Live by clicking “Go Live“.
  • Bow click right on the time link of your post > Copy link. Paste number displayed in the URL, in the “index.html” file on line 106. Save it.

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