Humans to Blame for 322 Animal Extinctions in 500 Years

  • In just 500 years, humans have been the cause of 322 animal extinctions, with two thirds of those occurring in the last century alone.
  • Recent issue is journal Science researchers took a closer look at animals that have disappeared at the hands of humans.and what this might mean for the future.
  • The human population has doubled in the last 35 years, and along with that increase, the number of invertebrate animals.
  • Invertebrate animals such as beetles, butterflies and worms has decreased by an alarming 45%.
  • The most famous mass extinction in Earth’s history took place around 252 million years ago, wiping out 90% of marine life and 70% of terrestrial life.
  • but history may be repeating itself and this time the apocalypse is us.
  • From the passenger pigeon to the Tasmanian tiger, and most recently the freshwater baiji dolphin, we are killing animals at an unsettling rate.
  • According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, another 20,000 or more animals are also on the verge of extinction.
  • Utilizing every inch of land we can for cities, logging and food, we exploit the habitats of our fellow animals and plants.
  • Forging unsustainable conditions for them to survive in.
  • With the current extinction rate being estimated at 1,000 times faster than ever before, we are in the midst of the fastest extinction event on record.
  • And it’s the animals that are paying the biggest price.
  • As species start to disappear it is not just their presence that is lost, but also the loss of critical ecosystem functioning in which they play a central role.

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