• World Yoga Day or International Day of Yoga will be celebrated by the people throughout the world Third time on 21st of June in 2017, on Wednesday.
  • Celebrating yoga day was declared by the United Nations General Assembly on 11th of December in 2014.
  • The declaration was done after the call by the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi to the United Nations General Assembly on 27th of September in 2014.
  • He called the assembly for adopting 21st of June as an International Yoga Day to get all the benefits of yoga for the people all around the world.
  • It is celebrated by the people of more than 170 countries including USA, China, Canada, etc.
  • It is celebrated on an international level by organizing the activities like yoga training campus, yoga competitions, and so many activities.
  • It is celebrated to let people know that regular yoga practice leads to the better mental, physical and intellectual health.
  • To promote better mental and physical health of people through yoga practice.
  • To get a win over all the health challenges through regular yoga practice.
  • To enhance growth, development and spread peace all through the world.
  • To strengthen the global coordination among people through yoga.
  • To reduce the rate of health challenging diseases all over the world.
  • To make people get used of meditation through yoga.

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