Know Your College - UWSL by Esha Maken and Shreya Ahuja

  • United World School of Law, awarded as the fastest emerging law school in India, is one of the handful institutes which provide world class legal education.
  • Located in Gandhinagar, it shares the lush green Karanavati campus with other fields like dentistry, management, fashion and mass media.
  • Faculties form around the world impart practical education rather than mugging up statutory laws. Many guests lectures for particular fields are organised here.
  • The institute takes keen interest in placements and arranges internships for students in top law firms in India.
  • Activities like Moot Court, MuN, debates, quizzes are organized on a regular basis for the students. Students also join cultural fest of Karnavati University.
  • UWSL has in-campus hostel with facilities for food, has two canteens and security.
  • UWSL students arrange legal camps to provide legal education to underprivileged students.
  • UWSL is a promising institute, where students and teachers both work together for the progress of students, University and India.
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