Tips on Increasing Brand Loyalty

  • Deliver value-Brand loyalty campaigns are ultimately futile if you don’t deliver value in some way through your products and services and focus on the customer.
  • Focus on 360-degree customer service-A loyal customer would be the one who is satisfied by your service.
  • Use expert content to engage-Build the public face of your brand by appointing brand ambassadors chosen from your team.
  • Build a customer-engagement culture-Listening to the customer's issues and finding timely solutions for those issues, results in customer's brand loyalty.
  • Run integrated promotions campaigns-These campaigns heighten brand awareness and attract and retain interest through incentives such as discounts, rewards, etc.
  • Segment loyalty levels and reward accordingly-Reward customer according to loyalty level instead of rewarding annual customers in the same manner.
  • Engage through mobile-Engaging through mobile gives opportunity of greater personalisation through location, integration of purchasing, and deeper interactions.
  • Encourage sharing of customer reviews and success stories-Sharing good reviews on your online channel and also answering the bad reviews boosts brand loyalty.
  • Personalise and localise wherever possible- Build loyalty and customer satisfaction by making the customer experience as personalised as you can.
  • Capture feedback and adjust-Getting feedback through questionnaires and surveys is necessary in knowing what are your customer's expectation and their thinking.

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