Quantum Computers - The Quantum revolution.

  • Rather than store information using bits represented by 0s or 1s as conventional digital computers do, quantum computers use quantum bits, or qubits, to encode information as 0s, 1s, or both at the same time.
  • In nature, physical systems tend to evolve toward their lowest energy state: objects slide down hills, hot things cool down, and so on. This behavior also applies to quantum systems.
  • To imagine this, think of a traveler looking for the best solution by finding the lowest valley in the energy landscape that represents the problem.
  • Classical algorithms seek the lowest valley by placing the traveler at some point in the landscape and allowing that traveler to move based on local variations.
  • While it is generally most efficient to move downhill and avoid climbing hills that are too high, such classical algorithms are prone to leading the traveler into nearby valleys that may not be the global minimum.
  • Numerous trials are typically required, with many travelers beginning their journeys from different points.
  • In contrast, quantum annealing begins with the traveler simultaneously occupying many coordinates thanks to the quantum phenomenon of superposition.
  • The probability of being at any given coordinate smoothly evolves as annealing progresses, with the probability increasing around the coordinates of deep valleys.
  • Quantum entanglement further improves the outcome by allowing the traveler to discover correlations between the coordinates that lead to deep valleys.
  • Now quantum computer can't be used everywhere but it can be used at some very key places where it can give efficiency that no one has ever seen.
  • One of the them is factorising a number suppose,you have a billion digit number a super computer will take days if not even months to give the factors. Now it will take take a few milli seconds for a quantum computer.
  • Quantum computer has power to decrpyt all the existing comunication it has the power to hack nearly every password,every bank's site,and can even decrypt military grade encryption.
  • The power of quantum computing is extraordinary.If put to good use it can open doors to enhancement,progress and in bad hands it can prove armegadon.

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