Top Legal issues in social Media

  • The most common and dangerous legal issues are reveling Confidential information. The secrets and policies of the company are leaked out by an employee or any other party.
  • The company basically use their trademark which is in their knowledge so that the company get promoted. Social media has made strictly prohibit the use of a trademark by an unauthorized user.
  • Using statements that could defame a business in another legal issue rampant on social media. Posting unethical and defaming remarks may sound trivial that create serious problems.Even the anonymous can be tracted out.
  • Posting on social media the messages are short because of that they appear ambiguous. your innocent message may be interpreted in multiple ways. This could become a serious problem for your company.
  • Unauthorized use of copyright work such videos ,photos etc is another common issue. Main posting are need to be private so that their wont be any issue related to Copyright. Mention while posting the work is copyright.

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