What is on your plate today?

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    Social Media nowadays is flooded with trending stories likewise outfit of the day, hairstyles and makeup
  • When users post such routine activities as post or stories, they are found to be motivated by the reactions and responses of viewers
  • Well, then what about users posting food dishes while having food?
  • Does that motivate too? However, as a post or story is aired on social media, generally users tend to check and re-check the views and responses
  • Making this a fun activity, let’s check, how many heads you find inclined in cell-phone when you enter in a café or eatery
  • If this prevails, we may see people not talking to each other, but busy in their respective phones
  • Not having food at peace, but swaying their fingers on screens
  • Leading to a world of where mobile beeps may overcome people’s voices
  • Let’s person!

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