Is Mass promotion the best option given the situation?

  • Mass promotion is the most common name for the policy of promoting students to the next grade level despite poor achievement at their current grade level. It is motivated by a desire to protect the social adjustment.
  • However mass promotion leads to false confidence & fear of failure increases in the students. Their concepts will not be clear.
  • A leap of faith taken based on the assumption everyone promoted will understand the higher level as well as more complex learnings.
  • Teachers will find it difficult to teach, also slowing down the pace for those who don't understand.
  • Education gets us ready to face challanges and thrive in new and changed environments. Currently what we all are facing is new and totally unexpected but it shouldn't stop us from testing our knowledge and grit.
  • Carry over exams, open book exams , Reports and assignment with continuous evaluation should be the way forward.

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