Barcelona, 1992

  • DATE:- 25 JUL - 09 AUG
  • ATHLETES:- 9356
  • COUNTRIES:- 169
  • EVENTS:- 257
  • Baseball debuted as a full medal discipline having appeared as an exhibition or demonstration sport at six previous Games.
  • Badminton and women’s judo were also added to the Olympic programme.
  • Spain’s coxswain in the eights, 11-year-old Carlos Front, became the youngest Olympic competitor since 1900.
  • Men's basketball became open to all professionals and the US sent a "Dream Team" of superstars.
  • Including Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, needless to say they dominated the event and won gold.
  • Merlene Ottey (JAM) finished only six-hundredths of a second behind the winner, Gail Devers (USA), and yet she ended up in only fifth place.
  • The International Olympic Committee (IOC) launched an appeal for the observance of the Olympic Truce for the first time.
  • COBI was chosen as the emblem of Barcelona Summer Olympics.

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