How to give/remove access rights of YouTube Channel

  • Only the owner of a Brand Account can grant people access to a YouTube channel.
  • Owners can add other owners and managers. You can choose to designate managers or communications managers for YouTube channels.
  • Step1 :On YouTube, sign in as the owner of the Brand Account.
  • Step2 :In the top right, click the account icon and select the channel you want to manage
  • Step3: Go to the channel's account settings by clicking the channel icon > then Settings or settings icon
  • Step4: Click Add or remove managers. You'll be redirected to the "Brand Account details" page.
  • Step5: Next to "Managers," click Manage permissions
  • Add an owner: Click the dropdown arrow below the person's name and select Transfer ownership.
  • Add a manager: Enter the email of the person you want to be a manager. Click Invite. Once they accept the invitation, they’ll be able to access the channel