Stress Managment

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  • Stress is the biggest barrier that we need to overcome, it is our body's way of responding to various stimuli like pressure, over-thinking, comparisons, etc.
  • There are three questions that we need to ask ourselves to overcome stress: “What is stressing you?” “When are you under stress?” and “How to cope up with it?
  • There are two forms of stress: short-term and long-term stress. Short-term can be something like goosebumps while long-term can be from emotional drainage.
  • Stress affects our metal and physical health. To tackle this problem activities like listening to music, walking, workout, sports, etc. should be pursued.
  • Learn to let go of situations and people that are not in your hands, reward and appreciate yourself though. In short, 'Laugh, cry, scream'.
  • It may take a little time.. needs some practice and do your own experimentation, because no one knows you better than yourself.
  • At last, it's always best to keep yourself busy and redirect your energy towards something positive.
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