Most Important Elements of Visual Merchandising

  • Visual merchandising is comprised of many elements and can create uncertainty about where to start.
  • Luckily, the five most important elements of visual merchandising are easy to implement and won't break the bank.
  • 1. Remember that color is king.
  • A retailer could create a horrible display, but if the colors coordinate well, the display can still be a huge success.
  • 2. Create a focal point.
  • Examine your display from the customer’s point of view: the top, the floor, both sides. Often the focal point is positioned too high for the customer to see.
  • 3. Tell a story.
  • Use powerful, sales-enabling signage to display the advantages of buying the product.A display may lack wording or an educational sign. That’s perfectly fine.
  • 4. Expose customers to the maximum amount of merchandise.
  • A well-designed,display exposes the customer to as much merchandise as possible while avoiding a sloppy mess.The more products customers see, the more they buy.
  • 5. Use empty space wisely.
  • You can use this empty space for many different things, like signage providing information about products or brands. You could profile a designer or supplier.
  • Visual merchandising is multifaceted, and retailers can choose from hundreds of ideas when designing displays.

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