Cloud Marketing

  • One of the reasons that the Internet has expanded as rapidly as it has is because of the incredible development of e-commerce.
  • People now shop for everything from socks to trucks on the internet.
  • Cloud marketing encompasses all of a company's online marketing efforts.
  • Traditionally advertising was confined to print, television and radio.
  • The internet has opened new commercial avenues that allow businesses to connect with customers from online stores to twitter feeds.
  • Another component of cloud marketing is online applications which help marketing departments operate more effectively.
  • The internet is both a place to do marketing and a tool for doing marketing.
  • Most businesses at least have a website and it is becoming a trend for them to have social media pages as well.
  • The key to any successful cloud marketing campaign is to have it look good and work well.
  • Cloud marketing campaigns can never be static, they have to keep moving up/updating once gone online.
  • It is essential for a cloud marketer to be technologically savvy.
  • Cloud marketers should have a forward thinking.
  • It is the most common attribute of the cloud marketer to have a personal web presence.
  • Marketers using web have to engage with the customers directly.

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