Things you should know about INDUS WATER TREATY between India & Pakistan)

  • It is a treaty between India - Pakistan for the water distribution of Indus River
  • The treaty was signed on 19 September, 1960 in Karachi by Prime Minister of India (Jawaharlal Nehru) & President of Pakistan (Ayub Khan)
  • Agreement stated that control of 3 eastern river - Beas, Ravi & Sutlej was given to India & 3 western river Indus, Chenab & Jhelum was given to Pakistan
  • This treaty was signed because source of all 6 rivers were in India and Pakistan feared that India could create droughts in case of War between two countries
  • After the water treaty has been signed, India & Pakistan have not engaged into any Water wasrs
  • As per the treaty, India can use 20% of the total water on Indus River - the reason behind this usage is that Indus River pass through India

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