New Jobs That Will Be Created Due to AI

  • The rate at which AI will affect the job market will only accelerate, impacting the highly trained and poorly educated alike.
  • While recognising the imminent danger of how jobs are likely to be disrupted, we can say that many key jobs are safe from AI because AI still lags humans in fields like communication, empathy, creativity, etc.
  • Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics will continue to remain important as the prevalence of robots and automated systems will mean an increased need for engineers, technicians, and managers.
  • A McKinsey report shows that the number of engineering professionals like computer scientists, engineers, IT administrators, IT workers, and tech consultants will increase by 20 million to 50 million globally by 2030.
  • Jobs that can essentially be performed by humans have three key elements: STEM education, creativity, and emotional intelligence.
  • The book The Globotics Upheaval by Richard Baldwin suggests that AI will disrupt lives more than globalisation, industrialisation and automation did.
  • While he believes that the changes are inevitable, there are adaptive strategies that can be used, employing the skills that no machine can copy; creativity and independent thought.

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