How does Google Analytics work?

  • Google Analytics is the graphical representation of a business which shows the number of users visited the website, their behaviors and interests.
  • Google Analytics have been the most frequently used web analytics in the world. People use it to know the day to day activities on their website.
  • It shows the information such as - from where did the user get in touch with your website, the device he or she is using, location, behavior, interests and etc.
  • Google Analytics is fluent in 40 different languages.
  • To be on Google Analytics, you need to register your business website with it. And you would be able to access Google Analytics for business purpose.
  • Google Analytics also indicates the total number of users active on your website.
  • It also represents the category of the user who used had been to your website such as Affinity Category, In-market Segments and Other Categories.

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