Canonical URL and its importance - From SEO point of view

  • Canonical URL: the search engine friendly URL that you want the search engines to treat as authoritative.
  • In other words, a canonical URL is the URL that you want visitors to see. Quite often canonical URLs were used to describe the homepage.
  • The typical example used is that most people treat the following URLs as the same:,,,etc
  • From a search engine perspective, this can cause a bit of an issue. Hence the idea of canonicalization.
  • Canonicalization is the process of declaring one particular webpage URL to be original referring to multiple duplicate Content/URLs.
  • Duplicate Content is nothing but having many forms of a single URL, these multiple URLs are generated by web servers, referral websites, etc.
  • An easy way to get final destination URL is through the canonical tag or by redirecting all of these pages to one authoritative page.
  • Canonical Tag specifies the original URL to the search engines.
  • The pages having same piece of content, but different URLs and the links that are supposed to go to the original content, split up.
  • In SEO, when link building is done; link points to original content and due to duplicate URLs link popularity splits up in duplicate URLs diluting the importance of link building.
  • Without having a canonical tag, we are increasing the SEO vulnerability of the site as search engines find difficulty to find the original one.
  • So, having canonical tag would strengthen your SEO and also make the website robust.

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