• A customer inside a shop can be easily convinced to buy something than a customer outside a shop. We don't need much data to figure out that an existing customer is better than a new customer in terms of ROI.
  • When we hear the word Customer retention the first thing that comes to mind is a Loyalty or Reward program. Such programs are a great way to get a 'Loyal customer'.
  • A customer loyalty program should be about being beneficial to your customers because they buy from you. Rewarding them for purchases or engagement can go a long way in ensuring retention.
  • Online companies need to reward the customer at every step of the way.
  • Focus on customer retention doesn't mean that one should forget about acquiring a new customer. Merchants can use reward programs to attract new customers also.
  • So it is essential that your reward program has a good mix of offers for both new and returning customer.
  • Flits app offers you a module that is easy to use and helps you rewarding your customers in various ways.
  • Flits app offers: 1. Credit on Sign up 2. Credit on subscribing 3. Credit after a certain number of orders 4. Birthday Credit 5. Monthly credit 6. Credit for a specific product 7. Credit on Product review
  • Advantage: Promotion through rewards. A win-win situation for both customers and merchant.The sole aim of Flits credit program is to help you focus on Customer Loyalty.

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