Decriminalizing Suicide

  • One of the clauses in the bill decriminalizes suicide.
  • Stating that a person who attempts suicide should be presumed to have severe stress, and shall not be punished.
  • The Mental Healthcare Bill’ also has a provision to protect and restore the property right of the mentally ill people.
  • J P Nadda described it as a “patient-centric” measure and said there was a need to empower the patients so that they could secure proper treatment.
  • The legislation has been brought after wider consultations with the stakeholders.
  • There were consultations at the regional level, as well at the Center.
  • After consultations with the stakeholders the bill was sent to the Standing Committee and post amendments it came to Rajya Sabha.
  • The bill also provides that a person with mental illness will have the right to make an advance directive that states how he/she wants to be treated.

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