The power of Indian President.

  • It is said that if you study constitution very carefully you would realize that president can do anything even taking ultimate authority.
  • He has the powers to appoint and remove high Constitutional authorities, including the prime minister and the council of ministers.
  • Appoints of the judges of the Supreme Court and the High Courts,the state governors,the attorney general,the comptroller and auditor general,and the chief election commissioner and its member are made in his name.
  • Presidential sanction is mandatory for a legislation such as creating a new state, or changes in the boundary of existing states, or a change in the name of a state.
  • Military power of president is enormous.All officers’ appointments are made by him or her,including that of the chiefs.The country declares war in the name of the President.The country also concludes peace in his name.
  • Has the power to grant pardons and reprieves from punishment.
  • The President has the power to intervene when the financial stability of the country or any state is seriously affected. The President has the power to direct a state government to observe prudence in public expenditure.
  • Has the power to dissolve the lower house.

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