11 Interesting Facts About Human Emotions That You Should Know

  • 1. Emotions are quite physical, as different body parts react to different emotions
  • 2. According to scientists, there are 8 primary innate emotions: joy, acceptance, fear, surprise, sadness, disgust, anger, and anticipation
  • 3. If you are sarcastic, chances are you have a good creative flare
  • 4. Laughter is contagious FOR REAL, as your brain prepares your facial muscles for it upon hearing someone else laughing
  • 5. In fact, your facial muscles kind of control your power of displaying and detecting emotions
  • 6. Fear makes us actively use more muscles than we usually do
  • 7. And you can actually smell fear, scientists say
  • 8. Dreaming helps to diminish the effects of bad memories
  • 9. Anger can make people physically sick \
  • 10. Smells have quite an effect on our emotions
  • 11. And that flutter of butterflies in your tummy is actually your stomach crying for help

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