Takeaways from " Out of Our Minds -The Power of Being Creative" by Ken Robinson

  • Society faces an unprecedented pace and scale of change thanks to population growth and advances in technology.
  • The human ability to imagine, create and innovate offers a guide in this challenging new landscape, but people must be educated for the modern world.
  • An education system’s three responsibilities are “personal, cultural and economic.”
  • The assumption that certain academic disciplines have more economic value than others creates a hierarchy of subjects in school systems.
  • The policy decision to treat intellect and emotion as separate entities influenced the development of education systems.
  • Innovative organizations focus on “imagination, creativity and innovation.”
  • Neuroscience shows that human intelligence is “diverse, dynamic and distinct.”
  • The Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a modern contrivance that regards intelligence as quantifiable through testing.
  • The IQ test disregards the span of human intelligence crucial for fostering creativity.
  • Creativity means coming up with unique ideas that have worth.

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