8 Apps That Can Help With Anger Management

  • 1.Calm- Calm is considered as one of the best mental health apps available.It has a range of guided meditations, breathing exercises, relaxing music, and sleep stories to help reduce stress and improve sleep quality.
  • 2. Headspace- Headspace makes it easy to meditate. The app is especially useful for beginners who may find it difficult to shut off their brains and stop thinking about random things.
  • 3. Happify- As the name suggests, Happify is motivated to make you feel happier. The psychologist-approved mood-training program provides you with numerous opportunities to work towards a good mood with engaging games.
  • 4. Talkspace- Talkspace connects you with licensed therapists, who can help you navigate through your emotional turmoil on an online platform.
  • 5. Breathe2Relax- The app was created by the National Centre for Telehealth and Technology and is recommended by the American Psychological Association for stress management and post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • 6.What's up- This app adopts the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy(CBT) and acceptance commitment therapy(ACT) to enable the users to improve their internal dialogues.These methods allow you to cope with stress.
  • 7. Mood Kit -Mood Kit is another app that draws on the principle of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It offers more than 200 different activities to improve your mood, as well a journal and a thought tracker.
  • 8. Pacifica- Pacifica is primarily an app for stress and anxiety. It has a comprehensive range of mental health tools that incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy exercises.

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