Indian Courts Can Now Pass Global Injunctions To Block Web Contents.

  • The Delhi High Court has held that Indian courts now have the jurisdiction to pass global injunctions to take down defamatory or damaging content.
  • Upon the plaintiff's complaint, the defendants are directed to take down, block access, on a global basis to all such URLs, videos, etc which have been uploaded from I.P. addresses within India.
  • Referring to Section 79 of the Information And Technology Act, the court observed that the blocking of such access has to be from the computer resource, and such resource should include a complete computer network.
  • In case where the content is uploaded from outside India, the defendants are directed to block access to the said content in India, so it cannot be viewed here.
  • If the Plaintiff discovers any such defamatory content still available online, they shall notify the platforms, which shall then take down the content on a global level or in India, depending upon where it was uploaded.
  • If the Defendant, upon receiving notice from the Plaintiff, are of the opinion that the content in question is not defamatory or violative, they shall notify the Plaintiff, and they can in turn seek remedies accordingly.

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