Impact of social media on HealthCare Industry and how they are using it ?

  • Social media is creating a long term impact on health care industry which includes hospitals, pharma companies, diagnostics, home healthcare, hcps, etc.
  • Social media influences the decision making process of patients, vendors, distribution network and fellow referral doctors.
  • Patients are openly sharing feedback via reviews on FB, Google and Twitter. If their negative feedbacks are not handles with care, it can considerably damage the reputation.
  • Users are recomme Thousands of Facebook groups are formed to talk about the health subjects, where user recommend doctors, hospitals, diagnostics,etc.
  • Doctors are sharing their successful case studies with before/after effects and testimonials, which inturn leads more patients footfall.
  • Diagnostic centres are using lead ads, website conversion ads to sale health packages.
  • Doctors are developing videos explaining symptoms, cause and treatment of various disease.
  • Pharma companies are using social media to educate their customers about the therapy they specialize, and about the progress of new drug to HCPs.

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