How ensure success of AI & Machine Learning Projects

  • A recent survey by Deloitte of “aggressive adopters” of cognitive technologies found that 76% believe that they will “substantially transform” their companies within the next three years.
  • However, when it comes to AI & ML, there remains a large gap between aspiration and reality e.g., recently Gartner estimated that 85% of big data projects fail due to one reason or another
  • Here are some practical tips on how to ensure success of AI / ML projects and convert them into results:
  • 1. Have a clear objective in mind: AI projects need to framed in the context of your business model, context and culture, with an objective in mind around what it aims to achieve
  • 2. Communicate the purpose in a clear manner: While change always has to be driven from the top, implementation is always driven lower down, and hence its important to clearly communicate the purpose and expectation
  • 3. Select the right use cases: AI is quickly automating routine tasks and helping humans shift to non-routine ones, and selecting these use cases allows to have higher success without losing customer experience
  • 4. Understand your data well: As AI and ML progress, data biases are becoming a massive problem for many organizations - it's important to understand data source and context and resultant limitations well
  • 5. Define success in a reasonable manner: It's always fancy to achieve a 99% accuracy and in that process many models end up being over-fitted. At times it's better to have aim for a simpler model which is 70% accurate
  • 6. Consider the people factor: Automation and AI initiatives sometimes create job insecurity for many and hence it's important to build reassurance and shift humans to higher value tasks after automation is achieved

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