Mother’s Day: 25 Important Things to Know About Mom

  • 1. Childbirth is scary and painful, but the joy that you brought your mom when you came into the world makes the pain a vague memory.
  • 2. Someone can still love you unconditionally even when they have to take care of all of your needs and sacrifice sleep and sanity to do so.
  • 3. When you are sick, she is really the only one who makes it better.
  • 4. Mom is the one person in the world who will be completely honest with you about your appearance, your behavior, your choices and your hygiene.
  • 5. Nobody cooks better than mom, even if she's a lousy cook.
  • 6. Up until age 11, your mom knows everything. After that she's a complete idiot, until you have your own children. Then she's pretty handy.
  • 7. No one has the power to embarrass or humiliate you more than mom, especially when she tries to behave like anything other than a basic mom.
  • 8. Your mother is many things including a basic mom. That's a hard lesson. She is a human who was or is someone else's child, just like you.
  • 9. Your mom can screw up and still be a good mother.
  • 10. Every mother wants their child to be better than they were, to make up for their own deficiencies. That's not always healthy but it's true.
  • 11. Your mother wants nothing more than to feel she has done a good job as a parent. Everything else pales in comparison.
  • 12. If you are a man, you probably see reflections of your mom in your spouse or partner.
  • 13. If you are a woman, your husband or partner sees qualities of his mom in you. Hmmm.
  • 14. It doesn't matter how old you are or whether you and your mom get along — you will always want her approval.
  • 15. Ain't nobody gonna be happy if momma ain't happy.
  • 16. Your mom is the keeper of traditions. Many of your own traditions are learned from her.
  • 17. Your mother will forgive you and still love you no matter what.
  • 18. Some mothers don't forgive and that teaches you the value of forgiveness.
  • 19. Your mother offers you the gift of interests and inspiration. It can be around books, cooking, art, teaching or anything that she loved and modeled for you.
  • 20. You can be mediocre or very bad at trombone, ballet class, baseball, or singing, but your mom will cheer the loudest, clap the hardest and pronounce that yo
  • 21. The hardest thing your mom has done is to allow you to fail. The best thing your mom has done is to allow you to fail.
  • 22. When you left home, your mom had a hole in her heart and her life. It has probably healed, but she still needs to feel needed by you on occasion.
  • 23. If you were wounded by your mom as a child, forgive her. She was doing the best she knew how. You are an adult now.
  • 24. As a daughter, you may not want to become like your mother. Oddly, that happens in spite of yourself.
  • 25. The best gift you can give your mother is to let her know she did a good job.

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