• Covid-19, a pandemic, fear hovering over everyone across the globe. Today social media, news channels, newspapers etc.are flooded with its reports, across the globe. Making everyone aware about it.
  • Best way suggested to prevent it, is to isolate oneself from each other. And get oneself, locked up at their homes. Social gatherings are strictly prohibited. Schools, colleges, offices everything is given rest.
  • It has brought rest to every place, I could feel our earth to be at rest. It is breathing! It got some time to recover as the viruses(humans), making it degrade everyday are suppose to lock themselves at their homes, as corona outside is ready to be part of their lungs and make them realise how it feels, when it chokes! (The same thing humans did to earth, making it choke everyday)
  • Not only this, one could realise his own value (which in present time is lost, as an individual does not have time for himself!). We could introspect (need of an hour) and work on ourselves so that, the best out of ourselves could outpour and we could become an better version of ourselves.
  • It made us socially disconnected but it brought us close to the ones we have been ignoring for the sake of our work (our FAMILY!). Now, we've got enough time to spent with our loved ones. And cherish every moment with them.
  • But, not forgetting its the time to become more responsible and take care of every possible precaution and make oneself safe from it. Be safe everyone! Stay at your homes! Eat healthy! Wash your hands!

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