Takeaway from Jay Vasavada speech on Game Changer- Pushing the limits

  • Game changers are firm, quick and confident decision maker.
  • Game changers do have very high fear of failure. But fear of not trying is even bigger than former which makes them successful.
  • Game changers focuses on practice, learning and making them more capable, which helps them to take decision confidently.
  • Creativity alone cannot sustain, if not merged with viability and utility.
  • Perform to feel the experience of work, not to prove someone or something. Otherwise, one will be not able to connect with hearts of people.
  • First comes heart, then art and then craft. Not the other way round.
  • Nature loves change. So all constant things fail someday. Don't be a prisoner of your own success. Change the game at every instance.
  • Be a creator not only consumer. Humans, objects are perishable but creations are immortal, so focus on creating.
  • Come out of comfort zone and do something that is challenging.
  • 5 words that can destroy you are " This is not my job".
  • Creation always exist and pain passes away. So take pain to create.

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