Nagaland (Sekrenyi)

  • The whopping number of tribes in this area have many different individual festivals.
  • But the most famous one is Sekrenyi celebrated by the Angami Tribe.
  • It is also associated with celebrating the rich culture of the tribes that has lasted for many a moon.
  • Sekrenyi is the premier festival of the Angami tribe and is generally celebrated in the month of February.
  • “Sekre” literally means “sanctification” while “nyi” stands for festival.
  • Also called “Phousanyi”, the festival of purification follows a series of rituals that lasts for 10 long days.
  • It begins with ‘Kezie’ rite which means ‘sanctification’ and involves cleansing the house.
  • After which, men folk from the oldest to the youngest who is able to understand participates in ‘Sekre’ ritual.
  • Young men put on two new shawls called ‘Mhoushü’ in white colour and the black ‘Lohe’.
  • The ceremony of ‘Sekre’ is performed for the main purpose of obtaining strength during war.
  • Then, begins the ritual of ‘Geizie’ which requires an unblemished rooster with well formed legs, wings and comb.
  • Every male in the household are given roosters of different sizes according to their age and consequently, the roosters are sacrificed.

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