Video marketing trends in 2018

  • Video marketing will increasingly become personal as 61% customer prefers to have customized content
  • Live videos on social media channels will be important for content strategy as video earns 12 time more shares than text and image combined
  • Social media advertising cost would increase due to increase in demand as spending on facebook alone has increased 74% in 2017
  • Short live video content will become popular like snapchat and instagram stories have greater engagement rates
  • Mobile optimization will become standard for video content as we want everything on-the-go and on-demand which mobile provides effectively
  • Bit sized video content will be consumed more and more and it will be the basis for acquiring customer trust
  • Virtual reality video is one of the newest trends in video marketing, but it has the potential to lead the way in the coming year.
  • 360 videos as Google suggest that people engage more with 360-degree video as compared to standard video
  • Videos will be designed to be effective without sound as the study indicates that 85% of the videos on Facebook are actually played without sound
  • Video marketing tips are very helpful for me

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