6 jobs where AI will not replace humans

  • Artificial intelligence is bringing in a lot of automation and efficiency, and threatens to quickly take away a lot of well paying human jobs. However, here are a few jobs that we believe will remain secure over time:
  • 1. Doctors and other therapists: Treating patients involves too many complex variables and human emotions to replace using AI
  • 2. Judges and lawyers: Artificial intelligence programming just can’t make the same kind of nuanced decisions that human brains are capable of
  • 3. Entrepreneurs: Setting up a new venture requires us to see opportunities that nobody else sees, and will be challenging to program
  • 4. Artists, musicians and other creative professionals: AI depends on logical decision making and would struggle to bring in the creativity that some of these professions require
  • 5. Hardware specialists: People will be needed to build, maintain, and repair the hardware that houses artificial intelligence
  • 6. Software engineers: People who understand how the technology works will be needed to continue maintaining, programming, and repairing AI systems, for each specific purpose

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