Refreshing Mocktail Recipes- Apple Strawberry Cordial

  • Enjoy this cordial when fresh strawberries are in season. A pinch or nutmeg makes it heavenly!
  • SERVES- 4-6
  • 3 large ripe apples
  • 1 (medium) teacup chopped strawberries (about 10-12)
  • 12 tbsp strawberry crush
  • 1 bottle soda- chilled, 8-10 ice cubes
  • A sprinkle of nutmeg (jaiphal) powder (optional)
  • For garnishing- fresh strawberries
  • 1. Remove the peel and cut apples into small pieces.
  • 2. Chop strawberries into small pieces.
  • 3. Blend apples, strawberries, strawberry crush and ice cubes for 1/2 minute.
  • 4. Pour soda into the blended mixture in the mixer. Mix well with spoon. Pour in tall glasses over ice. Sprinkle some powdered nutmeg.
  • 5. Garnish the glass with a slit strawberry.

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